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Write, Publish, Promote, and Never Give Up

One of the biggest lessons Jim Marshall learned as an author is that you have to write, publish, promote, and never give up. Jim Marshall, published author and speaker, presented a lively talk at Compass Writers during the bimonthly meeting held on July 11, 2022. He spoke about the challenges and experiences he encountered during the writing, publishing and promoting of his book entitled, Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena Analysis, Prediction and Management of Human Affairs

Jim began his talk explaining the concept of Septemics, a new behavioral science. He coined the term “Developmental Engineer” as his role in the process. He defines Septemics as “a revolutionary and elaborate system for analyzing, assessing, predicting, and managing behaviors and characteristics of groups and individuals.” Jim began writing this book after a twenty-five-year career as a Developmental Engineer, a practitioner who steered many individuals and groups in behavior modification recognition. 

During this time, he collected, analyzed, studied and recorded the patterns, universality, and commonalities in thought and behaviors displayed by his clients as a group over time. He noticed discernible and repeatable behavior patterns in his client population. Jim spent twenty five years collecting information for the book and writing it. Then he spent another twenty five years publishing and promoting Septemics.

There’s a reason Jim has pursued the writing, publishing, and promoting of his book relentlessly over the years. 

“In counseling sessions, I could counsel thousands of clients. However, through writing and publishing the book, I could affect the lives of millions over the years,” he said. He believes people will read his book long after he’s dead. Jim’s determination over the fifty-year period has kept and fueled his dream of making the book a successful reality.

After twenty five years of writing and fine tuning the book, Jim began his search for a publisher. 

This was an arduous process followed by many rejections from publishers and literary agents. In his search, he received over eight hundred rejections from publishers and literary agents. He was told many times that the content of the book itself was exceptional. However, being a new genre, Septemics posed a significant problem for publishing professionals. Jim persevered, undeterred by the many rejections. He began looking into self-publishing and ultimately went with AuthorHouse in 2021.

Since publishing, Jim has continually and tirelessly marketed the book. 

He hired a professional web developer who built a quality website which serves as the primary online selling outlet. Jim stresses the importance of a successful website. He continually seeks interviews and opportunities to speak about the book. He recently hired an agent to help him book speaking engagements. To date, Jim has completed seventy interviews, podcasts and radio talk shows, with twenty more scheduled for future dates. Write, publish, promote, and never give up!

Septemics Author Jim Marshall book signing Compass Writers. Write, publish, promote and never give up

Jim is an exemplary role model for budding authors. 

Jim has overcome many obstacles. He was determined not to become discouraged by the countless rejections he encountered over the fifty-year process of writing, publishing and promoting his book. Considering Jim’s story, it’s obvious that becoming an author is only the first step, and possibly the easiest, in launching a successful book. 

Write, publish, promote and never give up!

Jim displays grit and fortitude in bringing his project to full fruition. Jim’s story reminds all budding authors to stay focused on the end goal and never give up, no matter how long or how difficult the process may be. “Write, publish, promote and never give up,” is Jim’s mantra for success and he is proof it works. 

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