Words Count Writing Sessions


Come to Words Count writing sessions and get your book done.

Had I not been introduced to Prolific Writers Life, I would have never known that this time and place even existed or that I would even love it so much. We get so much from one another. I encourage everybody to show up. I love it! 

Lisa Kron

I find that I’m exponentially more productive at Prolific Writers Life Words Count sessions.

Tanya Brockett

What it is:

Words Count Prolific Writers Life Writing Group

Get your writing done!

Join live, online Words Count writing sessions, and connect with fellow writers while you…

  • focus on your project
  • get in 45 minutes of writing time
  • make progress on your writing goals

…because your words count.


There are many Words Count writing sessions every week, and they’re all FREE for Prolific Writers Life members.

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Why It Works:

It can be easy to put off your writing projects. With Words Count writing sessions you can schedule time with other writers and use that healthy pressure to focus on your writing. When you give yourself a supportive environment with other people also getting things done, it’s practically impossible to avoid writing.

How It Works:

Words Counts writing sessions are hosted by Prolific Writers Life experts. Each live video session lasts one hour. Here’s what you can expect:

Log in 3-5 minutes early. You might want to turn off notifications or have a beverage or snack close at hand. Limit distractions – this is your time to get some writing done.

First 5 minutes: Introduce yourself (keep it short!) and share what you want to work on.

20 minutes: Write.

5 minutes: Check in.

25 minutes: Write.

Closing 5 minutes: Share your progress and commit to your next step.

Know that you’ve made progress on your writing goal!

Get your Words Count sessions free. Start your free trial.


“I struggle to find ‘spontaneous’ time to write. Being able to schedule it with like-minded people is a huge boon. I’m not doing laundry, I’m not taking a phone call – I’m writing.”
– MC of California

“It’s amazing how much you can get done in 20 minutes if you know you’re only going to be writing for that amount of time.”
– KO of California

There are many Words Count sessions every month, and they’re all FREE for Prolific Writers Life members. 

Want your Words Count sessions free? Start your free trial.

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