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Where Can You Find an Online Writing Group? Here!

Achieve your writing goals with a writers group that is always near you. At Prolific Writers Life, we want to offer as many writing opportunities as possible. That’s why we created Words Count sessions (because your words count). These sessions can help build your writer community, make it easy to get your writing done, and support you in reaching your writing goals. 

What are Words Count Writing Sessions? 

Words Count writing sessions, hosted by various experts at Prolific Writers Life, offer scheduled time to write with fellow writers. Several times a week, these sessions provide a shared time and space to work on writing projects with the support of other writers. Whatever your time zone, we have sessions in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings throughout every week.

One of the most popular types of writing groups are writing critique groups, but not all writing groups are designed for critique. Words Count writing sessions are designed specifically to help you get your writing projects done. In each of the hour-long sessions you will have at least 45 minutes to write.

This is a tried and true concept; body doubling (a common tool in ADHD communities), shut up and write sessions, writing sprints, productivity partners, work parties, writing parties, pomodoro sessions, and more – there are so many ways that dedicated time and dedicated work buddies have been shown to help you get your projects done. Share your project deadline, your goal for the day, and get writing.

The sign up process is simple. Register online to join one (or more!) Words Count sessions

“I love that I don’t have to write alone. Writing with a group of people is better than writing solo. I see it as a study session. You do better when you’re with other people who have the same goal.”

– LM of Jacksonville, Florida

“I was not making time for myself to write, so this made me do it! I signed up, I showed up, and I did it. I haven’t been able to get myself to do it prior. The breaks are perfect. That’s about as long as I can focus anyway, for about 20 to 25 minutes.” 

– RH of Swartz Creek, MI

Why Sign Up for Words Count Writing Sessions? 

It can be easy to put off your writing projects. With Words Count sessions you can schedule time with fellow writers and use this healthy pressure to focus on your writing. When you give yourself a supportive environment with other people also getting things done, it’s practically impossible to avoid writing.

Finish your writing projects with Prolific Writers Life Experts at Words Count

How It Works: 

Words Counts sessions are hosted online by Prolific Writers Life experts. Each live video session lasts one hour. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Log in 3-5 minutes early. You might want to turn off notifications or have a beverage and/or snack close at hand. Limit distractions​​this is your time to get some writing done.
    • First 5 minutes: Introduce yourself (keep it short!) and share what you want to work on.
    • 20 minutes: Write.
    • 5 minutes: Check in.
    • 25 minutes: Write.
    • Closing 5 minutes: Share your progress and commit to your next step.
    • Know that you’ve made progress on your writing goal!

You can get all your Words Count sessions discounted (or even free). Become a member.

What are the benefits of working with fellow writers? 

Writing is often a solo, and sometimes lonely endeavor. During a Words Count session, you share a dedicated space with fellow writers, working on your own but always supported. The focused energy makes a big difference! 

Many writers attempt to write in solitude, but end up getting side-tracked and may not meet their goals  for days, weeks, or even years. Few writers consider asking fellow writers, “Would you sit and write with me?” but this is the very thing they need most.

“I’ve been writing with fellow writers for over 20 years, but Words Count takes it to a whole new level,” says author and publisher Keiko O’Leary.

It’s empowering when you have a group of writers waiting for you to show up to write with them. 


What do writers have to say?

“I struggle to find ‘spontaneous’ time to write. Being able to schedule it with like-minded people is a huge boon. I’m not doing laundry, I’m not taking a phone call – I’m writing.”

– MC of San Jose, California

“It’s amazing how much you can get done in 20 minutes if you know that’s all you’re going to be doing for that amount of time.”

– KO of Campbell, California

The many Words Count sessions happening every month are FREE for Prolific Writers Life Pro and Premium members, and Starter members get 50% off. 

Want your Words Count sessions free? Become a member.

But I’m not an author! Can I still participate in Words Count Writing Sessions? 

Yes! Writers who enjoy working with fellow writers will naturally gravitate towards Words Count sessions, but Words Count sessions are beneficial for all writers. Our goal at Prolific Writers Life is to help writers finish their writing projects – whatever that project may be. If you have a writing project you want to finish, we encourage you to join our Words Count writing sessions 

Writers often wonder…

  • Where can I find an online writing group? 
  • How do you find a writing community? 
  • How do I find a local writers group? 

We welcome writers of all skill levels to connect, find support, and make their words count.

Where is the best place to write? 

You might be wondering…

  • Where do I find a creative writing club near me? 
  • Is there a writers meetup near me? 
  • How do I find writing groups for beginners? 

Words Count sessions at Prolific Writers Life offer a virtual space to connect with fellow writers every day. The best place to write is not necessarily a place, but a state of mind. It’s where you feel encouraged to stay focused on your writing. 

Words Count sessions with Prolific Writers Life are always “near you” – you can write anywhere. Whether you’re sitting at your kitchen table, at your local library, or at a coffee shop, you can join a Words Count session. Choose your favorite place to write and sign on with fellow writers who are also committed to completing their writing projects. Weekdays and weekends – mornings, afternoons, and evenings, whatever your time zone.

How Words Count Writing Sessions Can Help You Get Published

Our goal at Prolific Writers Life is to help you create the writing life that fits your style. If publishing is a goal, talking about your work with new people is a great way to increase visibility. Build natural connections, build support, and build future fans! The more you build community with other writers, the better chance you have of making a connection that will lead to publication. Plus, since Words Count sessions help you finish your writing projects, you’ll have more pieces to publish.

We Look forward to Seeing Your Published Works!

Whether you’re working on a book, a screenplay, a song, or a comedy routine, Words Count writing sessions are a great way to start sharing your writing with the world. Writing with fellow writers is a great way to announce to your peers, “I am a writer, and I love what I do. I have a deadline to complete this project.”


Click here to sign up for a Words Count writing session.


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