What makes me act the way I do?

The following few lines are not my own, but the writing of a gentleman
named Vernon Howard. It would be safe to describe Vernon as an
enlightened American who lived and wrote many short books in the mid
20th century. He still has a following of students of his material
headquartered in Strawberry, Arizona. I include this quote here largely
in support of the ideas in my weekly group “How Does A Wish Become A
Written Page?”. In particular, the final paragraph supports my
suggestion to writers (and others) that we guard the “limelight” of our
daily conscious awareness very jealously as to what thoughts we allow to
routinely occupy “center stage” and which we throw out after
introspection regarding its origin and function. When a well-trodden
thought pattern arises in this space, ask “how does this make me feel?”.
You will know by this acid test its value towards advancing you towards
you goals or not. Have no mercy in throwing negativity out. It may take
50 or 100 efforts your first day alone, but the payoff is a pearl of
great value unexpectedly found where we have least expected to find it.


“‘What makes me act the way I do?’

That is a highly profitable question. Have you ever asked yourself what makes you act, feel, respond and decide the way you do? Your investigation of this question will return immense rewards. The answer is, you act as you do because of the ideas that you think _from_. A timid thought projects a timid action or a frightened feeling. A decisive thought is the springboard from which pur- poseful action launches itself.

Learn this secret: The ideas _from which you think_ are the springboards that make your life whatever it is. By changing these ideas, by thinking from a higher level, you uplift your entire life. Here is one of those absolute truths you need have no hesitation in accepting and working with wholeheartedly.”
-Vernon Howard

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