Help Wanted:
MailChimp Expert
to Help Grow Writing Community

help wanted: MailChimp expert to help grow writing community

MailChimp email expert wanted. I’m looking for someone who knows MailChimp well and also knows how to grow a virtual community. We much prefer somebody who also enjoys writing and working with fellow writers and authors.

Ideally you have experience in growing email lists as well but this isn’t required.

We’re looking for somebody who wants to be part of our community, to get to know others in the community, and help promote them. looking for somebody who loves to write but also enjoys socializing with fellow writers. it would also be helpful if you have some ability to make graphics and find good images, if not then it’s critical to have the communication skills to be able to work with a graphic designer and photographer to help design these graphics.

We’re looking for someone who enjoys working with a variety of writers and businesses related to writing, and other businesses in the writing world. We’re looking for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, is proactive in getting things done, and gets things done on time. we’re looking for someone who enjoys learning through interviewing and then converting those interviews into succinct and meaningful blog posts. we’re also looking for somebody who loves teamwork and working on projects with others. if you already have your own business this is okay. we’re looking for someone with an an entrepreneurial spirit who loves what they do. we’re looking for a team player who is willing to be a part of our writing community for the long term. we’re looking for someone who is willing to experiment with different strategies to grow our virtual community of writers. if this sounds like you I would love to talk with you. please schedule a time for us to meet.


if you have your own website describing your services that would be terrific too. we’re looking for a partner who will help to art grow our business while we help you grow yours.


We are a community of writers who work together to help grow each other’s businesses and reach.