Release the Book: How Not to Make it in Hollywood

Unveiling the Secrets: How Not to Make it in Hollywood

A literary sensation is about to broadside western civilization and leave its mark. Never before has a book taken off and soared so high. . . and then plopped like a platypus into the fish tank of literary greatness where it will swim among the world’s most erudite plankton for all time.

What started as a small comic memoir, has become so much more to people across the internet, the ethernet and the ping pong net. How Not to Make it in Hollywood has already sold out every book outlet, and it hasn’t even been released yet! Within the first few hours after what was only the tiniest hint of a possible release date, it immediately went viral. It also went bacterial and is now infecting people who immediately want to buy and read the book. 

A Literary Phenomemon Emerges

There have been nation-wide reports of people in bookstores, clobbering each other over the head with massive dictionaries just on the reported “sighting” of a black-market copy. Other stores have been mobbed by protesters with signs reading “Release the book NOW!”

None of this was planned. In today’s digital environment, a book like How Not to Make it in Hollywood is an unexplained phenomenon. I certainly have no explanation for it. Do you? So, what is it about?

How Not to Make it in Hollywood by David Hern is a twisted comic memoir and a manual for struggling actors pursuing a career in Hollywood. It’s a mix of facts about the film industry that have never been revealed before – and stories of some of the weirder situations encountered over a decade there. It’s a book for actors, writers, filmmakers, and anyone who might enjoy a few laughs about showbiz. 

Most books about the Hollywood film industry contain a lot of celebrity adoration and are vague about the specific details of how an actor navigates an actual film career. They use terms like – an actor was “discovered” or “a star was born.” Hollywood maintains a veil of mystery around it on purpose. This book peels it back and deals directly with the nuts and bolts involved in pursuing a real career as an actor. There are facts and insights that come directly from decades of struggle and work in the industry.

It will be released soon on Amazon Books and other retailers if their sites don’t crash. Don’t tell anybody and you’ll have a better chance of getting a copy!

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