The Healing Power of Journaling

Why bother to put your thoughts and feelings on paper? What’s the benefit of taking the time and trouble to do this? When you privately release your distress through your pen to the paper, it can provide quick relief from some or most of your pain. This is the healing power of journaling. 

There’s a powerful relationship between sharing a strong emotional state with someone who listens with full attention and sincere caring for your experience, and a release from your distress. Listening to someone with full compassion is one of the most remarkable gifts one human being can give to another for precisely this reason.

Journaling in nature lifts my spirit and soothes my soul. Lorraine Haataia, PhD

But what about those times when such a skillful person isn’t available to help you process what threatens to overwhelm you? Where do you turn when tears roll down your face at 3 a.m., and your fears consume you?

I welcome you to explore the remarkable facets of healing you can experience through journaling.

Enter the emergency room of pen and paper.

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