How to Submit a Blog Post to PWL

STEP 1: Login or Sign up.

Go to ProlificWriters.Life. From the top menu bar select “LOGIN/REGISTER.” If you’re already a member, you can login as you normally do. If you’re here for the first time to upload a guest blog post, you can simply “REGISTER” by entering your name and email address. Then click the “REGISTER” button

STEP 2: Navigate to “Account Dashboard” and Click on “Submit Blog Post.”

After you’re registered, go to the top menu bar and hover over “MY ACCOUNT.” From the dropdown menu, select “Dashboard.”

Click on “Submit a Blog Post”

STEP 3: Complete the “Submit a Blog Post” form.

Complete all the fields in the “Submit a Blog Post” form.

STEP 4: Receive notification that your article is published.

Thank you for submitting a blog post to Prolific Writers Life. After you’ve submitted your blog post, it goes into the editorial review queue. Then it will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation from Prolific Writers Life letting you know when your article is published.