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Thank you for considering sharing your writing with the Prolific Writers Life community! We appreciate your interest and are here to guide you through the submission process. Let’s break down the fields you’ll see on the blog post submission form:

Focus Keyphrase: Think of the focus keyphrase as the topic or main idea of your post. In online terms, it’s what you want readers to search for to find your post. For example, if you’re writing about “tips for beginner writers,” that can be your keyphrase. It helps if this phrase appears in your title and a few times in your post. But don’t stress over it; we can help refine it for you!

Post Title: Your title is crucial—it’s the first thing people see. Try to limit it around nine words. If you’re unsure about the “SEO optimized” bit, no worries. Just give it your best shot, and we’ll handle the technical tweaks!

Blog Post Content: Aim for 500-750 words for your post. It’s a comfortable length for readers and covers a topic comprehensively.

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The focus keyphrase is basically an exact keyword or the keyphrase that you want your specific page to be found for in search results. The SEO focus keyphrase often consists of more than one word hence calling it a keyphrase is much more accurate. A focus keyword is the primary search query that you want a page or post to rank for in the search engine results (SERP). When people search for your focus keyword you are optimizing your page to rank higher in Google so they can find you. Each blog post you create should have a clear focus to cover a specific search intent. Be sure to use your keyphrase in the title of your post and in your blog post at least 3-5 times.
Please compose a title that's SEO optimized. If you don't know what means, add a title that's about 60 characters, and we'll do the optimizing for you.
We recommend that your blog post be about 500-750 words.
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The call to action is the most important part of a blog post. Without it, your blog post is just… there. It brings in people from Google, from social media, and from other channels, but those people read it and then have nothing else to do. Maybe they click a link, maybe they back out, maybe they close their browser and go for a walk. With a call to action, you can instead convert those people into new followers, new subscribers, and new customers. You tell them, clearly, what it is they should do next if they like what they read.
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