The Simple Secret to a Fulfilling Writing Life Writing Companions

The Simple Secret to a Fulfilling Writing Life: Writing Companions

Did you grow up with writing companions you could count on to support you with your writing projects? If you attended a public school or if you went to a college or university, you were likely brought up in a culture that seeks to divide people, to isolate students, and make them fend for themselves. Humans aren’t like this, and schools shouldn’t be like this either.

Aside from the occasional group project, most schools are based on a system of testing individuals who get graded and judged with letters like A, B, C, D, and F. Team spirit is destroyed little by little, year after year in academia. By the time students graduate from high school, if they’re lucky, they still have a desire to learn and read and grow. Chances are, you graduated from high school without fully experiencing the many benefits of writing companions.

So, it’s no surprise that most college students shrivel at the thought of having to take an English class that requires reading, researching, and writing all on their own. Incidentally, these are some of my favorite things to do. When I taught composition and writing courses in colleges and universities, I set aside conventional methods. I had students reading each other’s essays, commenting on what they liked, and encouraging each other to work together to share ideas to help develop the essays. I taught them the power of having writing companions.

Many students came into my classes with their arms crossed and eyes rolling when I promised that they would love writing by the end of the semester. Within a few weeks, those same students came to class with growing confidence and an increasing appreciation for the power of the written word. This was because they started to experience the power of writing companions.

Share the Writing Journey

The writer’s life involves finding time for writing, deciding where to write (at home or elsewhere), and embracing many tasks that come with releasing a book into the world. It’s a journey filled with questions, from the initial “How do I get started?” to “What should the title be?” to later queries about publishing and marketing options.

Many writers crave the opportunity to work in seclusion without interruption from the outside world. Although there may be times when you want to quarantine yourself to go into deep focus on a project, know that this is but one facet of the writing process.

If you’re used to writing in isolation, it’s a fundamental shift in your thinking to become part of a writing community. But this transformation can be one of the best decisions of our writing life. If you’ve never experienced the benefits of working amongst writing companions, I highly encourage you to try it out. Join a writing community.

Writing Companions: The Path To Fulfillment In Your Writing Life

Successful writers know they need a team of supporters to bring their book to fruition. The natural process of writing life involves real-world experiences, interaction with people, storytelling, and working with your editor, your book cover designer, and your publisher. These interactions are normal and frequent for successful writers. When you collaborate with fellow writers and experts in the industry, you give yourself the means to recharge your creative battery. The power you get back is priceless. Companionship is the path to fulfillment in your writing life.

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