What is an affiliate System?

Prolific Writers Life uses an Affiliate system to pay members for bringing in new members.

As an affiliate member, you can have a free membership by bringing in new members.  Simply bring in one new member a month.


Signup as an affiliate member and start earning.


Simply send out links to your network through social media, email, or text. No matter what page they visit at PWL, you will get credit if they sign up as a new member.


Get paid $10 on both the first month and second month of your recommended member.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Simply “Click Here” and accept our terms and conditions.  Most applications are approved with 24 hours.

How do I earn?

Simply use your referral link to send out to your social media, email, or text.


How do I get a referral link?

Once you are approved as an affiliate, you will have an affiliate bar in your header.

Navigate to the page you would like to recommend (e.g. https://www.staging12.prolificwriters.life)

Use the affiliate bar to copy your affiliate link.

Attached the link to your social media post, email, or text message.

What are good links to share?

NOTE: No matter what link you share, you will get credit if the person who clicks on your link signs up as a member.

Depending on your circumstances, here are links to share.

https://staging12.prolificwriters.life/ref?<your referral link> – Prolific Writers Life Home page

https://staging12.prolificwriters.life/become-a-member/ref?<your referral link> – Sign up for the free trial page

https://staging12.prolificwriters.life/words-count/ref?<your referral link> – Words Count page

You can navigate to any page on the Prolific Writers Life Website and get a referral link (See How do I get a referral link? FAQ.

What will I earn?

You will earn $10 in the 1st month of your referred member and $10 on the 2nd month.