Your Social Media Marketing Plan – Creative Development consulting


Get a beginners’ guide to social media marketing, starting with Facebook and Instagram posting. Make your marketing life easier with scheduled posts and easy responses.

No need to be super tech-savvy; this is for those just beginning their personal platform, and together we’ll create a firm foundation that you will be able to build on in the future.

What is a Development Coach, and how can one help my marketing?
You may be familiar with the title of “development editor.” Well, a Development Coach, DC for short, is similar, in that they work with you toward one goal: your success. While most development editors and coaches will focus on your creative work, the one you are about to meet also holds a certification in Social Media Marketing (DMI, AMA).

That’s right; not only does this DC want to help you get in touch with your inspiration, your passion, and your expertise, they also want to help you get the word out! Together, you and the DC will explore your ideas, uncover your already existing marketing skills and strengths, and help plan out step one toward your success… then step two, three, four, and all the steps after that if needed.

I’m Maya Carlyle (*waves*), Q&A Creative’s main Development Coach.

Having worked with writers since 2017, over and over I’ve seen writers ready to throw their hands up when the time comes to market their work and themselves. Some of it is a hesitance to brag, and some of it is a lack of familiarity with the tools and methods, as well as the science and art, of marketing.

Together we’ll build you a firm foundation from which to start your marketing journey.


Sessions are an hour (but, like all plots, things can be adjusted as the story unfolds).

I’m looking forward to helping you get one step (or more) closer to your success!


Book your session now! And, once received, our Development Coach (DC) will reach out to schedule the right time. Meetings are held over Zoom or Google Meet, and will not be recorded (unless such is agreed upon by you and the DC).

Please assess your system, and check that you are able to use Zoom or GoogleMeet. Any issues with these chat services are, unfortunately, outside of our ability to fix.

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