30531 Workshop: Monthly Writing Plan (and Goals Check-in)


Give yourself the gift 🎁 of time ⏰ spent on your projects!

Wading into your own writing can be challenging for so many reasons – overwhelming, confusing, boring, intimidating?

This workshops is designed for writers and aspiring writers to address the questions you’ve thought of, and more.

You’ll come away with some solid strategies for approaching your writing projects in a constructive way – creating more positive outcomes, more comfort and confidence in your process, and perhaps a few hundred (or thousand) more words.

Day/Date: Wednesday May 31, 2023
Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM Pacific Time / 9:00PM – 10:30PM Eastern
Where: from the comfort of your favorite computer or smart device
Spots: this is a small group designed to focus support, so only four spots are available

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Writing Plan and Goals Check in with PWL Expert Maya Carlyle
30531 Workshop: Monthly Writing Plan (and Goals Check-in)


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