Your Creative Success: Professional Support for your Creative Project Development

Do you have a story you want to bring to life? How about an idea that won’t get itself in order? Maybe you have writer’s block? Or you procrastinate like it’s a hobby, even though you wish you could just get it written!? Or, maybe it is written, and now you need to -*gasp*- market it! Where do you start?

Sometimes a creative project – a book, a blog, a marketing campaign – just needs a little support, and a session with a Development Coach may be the help you need in order to find (and start progression along) your creative path.

What is a Development Coach?
A Development Coach, DC for short, is someone who works with you toward one goal: your success. A DC wants to help you get in touch with your inspiration, your passion, and your expertise. They will guide you through exploring your ideas, discovering the core therein, and help you figure out step one toward your success, and then step two, three, four, and all the steps after that if needed.

I’m Maya Carlyle (*waves*), Q&A Creative’s main Development Coach.

Having worked with writers since 2017, I’ve seen writers come to a standstill for every reason under the sun (writer’s block, bad reviews, ruthless editors, analysis paralysis, too many ideas, and so much more), and a few reasons that never see the light of day. My goal is to help you get past that wall, and back on the path toward your passion – your writing.

Sessions are an hour (but, like all plots, things can be adjusted as the story unfolds).

I’m looking forward to helping you get one step (or more) closer to your success!


Product Description

Book your session now! And, once received, our Development Coach (DC) will reach out to schedule the right time. Meetings are held over Zoom or Google Meet, and will not be recorded (unless such is agreed upon by you and the DC).

Please assess your system, and check that you are able to use Zoom or GoogleMeet. Any issues with these chat services are, unfortunately, outside of our ability to fix.

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