Conscious Book Coaching Bundle

Supportive, Conscious Book Coaching

​with Publishing Expert and World’s First Certified Ho’oponopono Mentor/Ghostwriter

​Tanya Brockett

Do you want to be an author but need someone to champion you through the process? See below to learn more.


Product Description

Conscious & Clear Coaching Bundle—See Discount for PWL Members

​Powerful transformation, multiple sessions

​Do you have a book in you but are unsure how to get it out?

Have you written a book but don’t know what to do next?

Are you working through the self-publishing process but need clearer direction and resources to make it happen?

Unlock the writer within you and bring your book to life with Conscious Book Coaching! Whether you’re grappling with untapped ideas, seeking guidance on what comes next after writing, or navigating the self-publishing maze, this is your transformative solution.

Our talented and experienced book coach offers three immersive ninety-minute sessions that delve into the core of your creative energy. Together, we’ll clear the path, set powerful goals, shed limiting beliefs, strategize effectively, and provide the resources you need for seamless implementation. Plus, each private session is recorded, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce the valuable insights again and again.

But that’s not all! With Conscious Book Coaching, you’ll enjoy ongoing support through email communication, access to an extensive database of curated resources, and additional guidance throughout our sessions. And the best part? You’ll save hundreds compared to multiple coaching sessions, making it an unbeatable value.

Imagine the freedom to express and solidify your book publishing goals, liberate yourself from fears and confusion surrounding the writing and publishing process, and discover the precise methods that align with your unique objectives. Together, we’ll harness the necessary resources for your publishing journey and provide unwavering support, regardless of the challenges you face in your personal or professional life.

Each interaction will leave you revitalized, empowered by positive and crystal-clear energy, and armed with the tools to propel your writing dreams forward. This extraordinary opportunity awaits you—don’t miss out! BOOK YOUR BUNDLE TODAY and unlock the exclusive member price available only here at Prolific Writers Life. Remember, the price at my public website is significantly higher, so act now and embark on your transformative writing journey!

* * *

​Over the past twenty years, I have taught thousands of authors the ins and outs of the publishing world and one of the most prevalent obstacles they faced was fear. ​They either had the fear of success or fear of failure or fear of not writing a good book or fear of being too much in demand… on and on.

​Not only can we clear your energy to have productive strategy sessions each time we meet, I have created ​self-study exercises you can use to win the mental game of becoming an author. Our minds are so powerful; isn’t it time to harness that power to give yourself a greater chance of success? ​And won’t it be great to have help along the way​?

​Connect with me for a ​​bundle of tailor made-for-you sessions (best value). There is a reason I have worked with hundreds of ​authors and trained thousands of people over the years, ​along with reading millions of pages of prose: I love serving authors. Now I want you to be successful as an author and feel free to be your best. Clear positive energy​ + straightforward publishing guidance and expertise = a winning combination for you.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Tanya Brockett

PS ​Learn how to ​keep your energy clear while you pursue your publishing dreams. ​It is a sure path to manifesting your best book. ​Schedule your private, bundle sessions now.

PPS ​As a BONUS for signing up for your sessions, I will give you a FREE copy of my ​New Writer Workbook​ after our first call. It contains writing tips, resources, an overview of the publishing process, and much more.

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