40813 Capturing Your Story: The Art of the Memoir (Aug. 13, 4 pm PT; 7 pm ET)

Capturing Your Story: The Art of Memoir

You don’t have to be old, famous, or an ex-president to have a story to tell. We all have personal experiences worth capturing and conveying to others. In this session, we’ll explore strategies for identifying significant themes and anecdotes from your life, then molding them into a coherent whole.


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During our time together, I’ll help you get a handle on how to approach your project. We’ll look at the creative process from 30-thousand feet so you can see all the moving parts, then we’ll drill deeper. We’ll discuss strategies for staying organized, and for doing research. You’ll do some writing exercises, too. But this will also be a two-way street with plenty of time for Q&A.  Most importantly: it’ll be fun! When our time together is finished, you’ll be equipped to start capturing your memories.


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