40715 Rough Writers Toastmasters, July 15, 7pm PT, 10pm ET

Rough Writers is a unique Toastmasters club for writers, dedicated to helping you discover your speaking voice, confidence, and organization skills to boost your communication abilities effectively. Learn to connect better with your audience and enhance your storytelling skills today.

Join us on Monday evenings to experience a supportive community that combines the best of both a Toastmasters club and a writing group. Discover why Rough Writers stands out and how we can help you grow as a writer and speaker.


Product Description

Rough Writers is a unique Toastmasters Club for speakers, writers, and entrepreneurs. We help you connect with audiences and share your ideas more effectively.

We offer Rough Writers Extra workshops every Thursday: Writer Spotlight and Feedback Hour on the first and third Thursday of the month and Silent Writing on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. These activities foster creativity and storytelling skills, empowering you to transform your speeches into your published work. In fact, we have produced a number of collective anthologies!

We guide you to master the art of public speaking, helping you spread your messages beyond the Toastmasters community. Our members are encouraged to participate by giving speeches and participating in speaking competitions.

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that builds confidence and teaches public speaking skills through a worldwide network of clubs that meet online and in person. In a supportive community or corporate environment, members prepare and deliver speeches, respond to impromptu questions, and give and receive constructive feedback. It is through this regular practice that members are empowered to meet personal and professional communication goals. Founded in 1924, the organization is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado with approximately 270,000 members in more than 14,200 clubs in 148 countries.

Joining Rough Writers gives you more as a writer than any other Toastmasters club. Come check us out on Monday evenings to see why we are not just your ordinary Toastmasters club or writing group, but the best of both worlds!

We look forward to welcoming you!

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