Let’s Talk Events


(Hosts; this one’s for you!)

Do you lead events, meetings, workshops, or classes? How about just leading other people? 

Taking the lead can be wonderful, as it opens up a world of creativity! But, it also puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Leadership means that the details are yours to deal with – details like…

  • How do you identify your target audience?
  • What time is best for your target audience?
  • How long should your event be, in order to maximize attention and learning?
  • What should you name your event, in order to catch the right audience?
  • What is the value of collaboration? How do I go about finding someone to work with?
  • How do you get your audience to actually show up?
  • What could possibly go wrong with you event? How do you stop it? Or, how do you cope when you can’t stop it?

With more than a decade as an Event Manager, I’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong (and right) with virtual and in-person events. Let me share that experience with you. I can share general tips, ticks, and best practices – or, bring your event idea, plan, or blueprint and we’ll work together to polish off the rough edges.

Sessions are an hour (but, like all events, things can be adjusted on the fly).

I’m looking forward to making your events shine!

Let’s Talk Events

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