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Finding Your Success with a passionate Development Coach

Message from the shop: I’m Maya (*waves*), Q And A Creative’s main Development Coach. Having worked as a project coach and consultant since 2017, I’ve seen writers come to a standstill for every reason under the sun (writer’s block, bad reviews, ruthless editors, analysis paralysis, too many ideas, and so much more), and a few reasons that never see the light of day. My goal is to help you get past that wall, and back on the path toward your passion – your writing.

21006 Writers Out Loud: The Feedback Skill


Writers Out Loud

This is an autumn addition to our limited talk series from Spring, with guided conversations on foundational topics selected to add umph to your writing practice. During the conversations you can connect with other writers as you explore parts of writing that come even before the outline; share your questions, insights, and aha moments; and come away with new ways to think about the craft of writing.

Time: 7PM-9PM Pacific Time / 10PM-12AM (Midnight) Eastern Time
Date: Thursday October 6th, 2022
Location: online!

This session: The Feedback Skill

What is feedback? How do we give it, and how do we get it? And, once received, how do we use it?

Join this curated and guided conversation, lead by Development Editor Maya Carlyle, to address these questions and more. Get your ticket, log in, and add your voice to Writers Out Loud!

21006 Writers Out Loud: The Feedback Skill


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