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Message from the shop: I’m Maya (*waves*), Q And A Creative’s main Development Coach. Having worked as a project coach and consultant since 2017, I’ve seen writers come to a standstill for every reason under the sun (writer’s block, bad reviews, ruthless editors, analysis paralysis, too many ideas, and so much more), and a few reasons that never see the light of day. My goal is to help you get past that wall, and back on the path toward your passion – your writing.

20616 Writers Out Loud: More Human Than: The Android/Elf Exploring Humanity


Writers Out Loud

This is a limited spring-time talk series, with guided conversations on foundational topics selected to add umph to your writing practice. Connect with other writers as you explore parts of writing that come even before the outline; share your questions, insights, and aha moments; and come away with new ways to think about the craft of writing.

Session Six: More Human Than

Spock, Data, Q, Odo, and Seven of Nine.
Aziraphale and Crowley.
Ariel and Mera.
The Newcomers.
The Doctor.
The wild fox.
Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tinman.
The seven dwarves.
The Crane Wife and the Selkie.

We, as humans, have a long history of writing non-humans discovering their way to their own internalized humanity. And, often, this is written as the ideal, the right way for things to progress. After all – humanity is the answer, isn’t it?

But what of the non-human characters that do not seek humanity? Should they follow the same path as Enkidu; wild and powerful, then “rightfully” civilized? Or should they bring their own culture to the forefront, asking humans to make room?

Join this curated and guided conversation, lead by Development Editor Maya Carlyle, to address these questions and more. Get your ticket, log in, and add your voice to Writers Out Loud!

20616 Writers Out Loud: More Human Than: The Android/Elf Exploring Humanity


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