20519 Writers Out Loud: When to Lower the Stakes


Writers Out Loud

This is a limited spring-time talk series, with guided conversations on foundational topics selected to add umph to your writing practice. Connect with other writers as you explore parts of writing that come even before the outline; share your questions, insights, and aha moments; and come away with new ways to think about writing.

Session Four: When to Lower the Stakes

We’ve seen it in TV shows, movie franchises, and book series that have gone on, maybe, a little too long – the stakes get way too high.

Your run of the mill vampire hunting private investigator, over the course of several books, finds themself having to save the world.

Your monster hunters have to fight god (again).

Your band of heroes have to stop someone from killing everyone in the whole freaking universe.

That is a lot to be on the line, and, most of the time, the audience knows precisely how it is going to end – the heroes will win. They have to! If they don’t, literally everyone dies.

So, when is it right to lower those stakes? To bring the conflict down a few notches? To tell intimate stories with real risk and conflict, but perhaps not the entire world on the line?

Join this curated and guided conversation, lead by Development Editor Maya Carlyle, to address these questions and more. Get your ticket, log in, and add your voice to Writers Out Loud!

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20519 Writers Out Loud: When to Lower the Stakes


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