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Prolific Writers Life is an online community that provides services for writers, including live work sessions, events, and workshops. We welcome writers of all kinds, from those who specialize in creative writing such as novels, poems, and screenplays to those who specialize in professional writing such as blogs, newsletters, ghostwriting, and technical writing. PWL Experts host live events for writers and authors who are seeking expert guidance on their writing projects, and who want to reap the benefits of working in a community with other writers.

On the Prolific Writers Life About page, you can gain more insight into our vision, mission, services, values and more.

In order to maintain consistency for participants, we recommend that our experts use Zoom video conferencing. That allows members to get comfortable with the same video conferencing software.

When you add the event to the cart and checkout, you will receive the Zoom link in 3 ways. 1) Immediately after checkout, the Zoom link will be shared on the screen. 2) You will receive and email from Prolific Writers Life with the Zoom link in the email and attached PDF. 3) You can also navigate to My Account Dashboard and My Tickets to access the Zoom link in the ticket.

We drive traffic to PWL through the following:

But the best marketing takes place through the expansive reach of our experts and members as a whole. You get the benefit of the combined traffic coming to the site as other PWL experts promote their events and blog posts. This provides organic and exponential growth for everyone in the community. We share Best Practices for Promoting Your PWL Store so that every PWL Expert has the best chance of success.

Our SHOP page contains products you can schedule separately with our Experts. They are often private consultations or other products that are not tied to a specific date and time.

Our EVENTS page contains upcoming events hosted by our Experts. They are often group events where you can meet other members and experts.


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