Making Noise : How to develop a marketing campaign

As a youth Nike grabbed my attention right away with it’s marketing campaign.  Through product placement, intense commercials, and the right endorsements I was sold on the product before I tried it. It wasn’t just me.  Everyone around me was going crazy over these life-changing sneakers.  They had the right stuff.  Everyone knew what they were, why they were different, and where you could get them from. Additionally, they had something for everyone and everyone knew that.  How did Nike manage to pull this off?  They had a powerful marketing machine that reached the masses they wanted to connect with.  They created the image of how great their product and brand would be for the consumer.  The consumer established a connection to the product in the way it was marketed.

A great marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience. Odds are that at this very moment you are not ready to service everyone in the entire world.  Who would your target audience be if we narrowed them down to a very small group? Are they younger, older, struggling, thriving, worried, upset, exhausted, energized, confident, open-minded or routine?  What needs to be the mood of your audience when they initially hear about your products and services?  We want our product or service to be available for our potential consumers and clients in their time of need.  All of these people are out there.  All you need to do is narrow down the first group you want to connect with.  After you connect with your audience then you can focus on making a deeper connection to their personal needs.

You can determine the needs of an individual after an initial interaction. What kind of customers and clients are you attracting with your marketing campaign? What are they telling you when they interact with you initially?  Is it an easy connection or not what you expected?  All of this data helps you to understand how to tweak your marketing campaign. These adjustments will happen regularly until you reach your target audience.  Furthermore, once you reach your target audience then you can sell your products and services as you intended to see them make an impact.  This takes patience while you work with a variety of clients and customers.  Don’t rush the process. Let everything happen naturally so that all of your efforts can be self-sustaining in the future.

A marketing campaign can be smooth sailing or rough seas.  Your approach makes the difference.  Plot your course carefully and with confidence if you are wanting to reach new horizons with your marketing approach.  Find those with whom you feel you have the strongest connection and introduce them to your concept and finally the experience that will change their life for the better.  You may not be the best at social media and digital media but you are an expert at being you.  Be yourself.  That’s where your marketing campaign begins.

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