This is a book of welcome—which means that it’s a book of openings, the kind of openings that every writer needs to be inspired and connected—to the world, to themselves, to their fellow writers, to their stories … and to all of the mysteries that touch us as creators.

Keiko O'Leary, writing inspiration

Keiko O’Leary helps writers see the big picture while taking meaningful action today. She is the author of Your Writing Matters: 34 Quick Essays to Get Unstuck and Stay Inspired. A leader in the Prolific Writers Life community, Keiko hosts work sessions, teaches workshops, and participates as a member of the advisory board. She is also an editor and publisher at Thinking Ink Press, and is Cupertino Poet Laureate for 2023 & 2024. Join Keiko at her events on Prolific Writers Life.

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How to Succeed as a Writer

I always think the authors I love are magic, that they are somehow different from me, and that’s why they are successful (famous, published, whatever). But that’s not true. What does Galway Kinnell have that you don’t have? What does MaryOliver have? Nothing! (Or nothing that you can do anything about.) The only difference is…
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