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How Do I Enter My Writer’s Mind?

Can you control your writer’s mind? You can, to some extent. This is, in fact, one of the few things that you can control–your thoughts. And by controlling your thoughts, you can also direct your state of mind. 

As a writer, you want to make sure that you are in a fit state of mind, ready to write. It’s helpful to begin by clearing your mind. Get ready to dive into that pool of text that you’ve already written, into the middle of wherever you left off from your last writing session.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

If you try hard not to think about some pressing issue in your life, then indeed that’s the very thing you’re going to be thinking about. What you need to do is think about what you’re working on as a writer, and why you want to get it done. 

What audience is waiting to read your story? In order to get into the right state of mind, you need to be aware of what gets you into your writer’s mind. At first, this might sound like a maze where you can get trapped. But with practice, it can help you get into the writing zone much faster. By consciously thinking about what gets you into your writer’s mind, you can practice getting there faster and faster.

Perhaps you go into your designated space in your home. Or you put on headphones and clear everything off your laptop screen except for the software tools you use to write. You can go through all the motions of staging your body and tools, but once you get there, you need to know how to get into your writer’s mind. As you’re taking steps to set up your physical space, it’s crucial to get your thoughts locked in on your writing project. 

Visualize Success in Your Writer’s Mind

The way to prepare your writer’s mind is to think about the best possible outcome you could have with this piece. Here’s one exercise you might imagine as you’re preparing to write. Picture someone reading your book. Notice the cover of your book in their hands. What is the title of the book? What image is on the cover? Is there a dominant color on the cover? Imagine a reader holding your book in her hands, smiling, pondering, or expressing whatever you want her to experience when she reads your book. 

When you’re in your writer’s mind, you’re in a state of focused meditation. A rational mind is ready to write. It’s like an airport runway, completely open and ready for words to land on the paper runway. When your mind is freed up like this, it’s much easier to allow new thoughts to come to you. They have a safe place to land. One of the most important skills you can gain as a writer is the ability to get into the writer’s mind at will.

Clear the Path to Your Writer’s Mind

How fast can you clear away all the other things going on in your life, and allow yourself to dive into your pages and add meaningful words to them? This begins by having clarity about your ideal reader and what you’re writing for her. When you’re in your writer’s mind, you should have peace of mind that you are doing what you need to be doing right now. You have predetermined that you will take this time in your life to write. By choice, you have carved out this specific time to write.

Get Into Your Writing Zone

As you slip into your writer’s mind, you need to be aware of your mood. If there are any emotions that can get in the way, simply ask them to step into the waiting room. Give them your promise that you’ll return to them soon. Set the expectation for both you and others that you are going to write. Getting into the writer’s mind means that you can concentrate on your writing, while blocking out other things going on in your life, at least for now. Do what it takes to put a pause on your responsibilities, at least for now. Many writers choose to write early in the morning or late at night when they’re less likely to be saddled with responsibilities.

In order to get into the writer’s mind, it helps to have some level of order in your mind and in your life. You’ve got to have certain physical and mental boundaries in place to fire up your writer’s mind and invest time into your writing.

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