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Once upon a time…
It was a dark and stormy…
In a hole in the ground there lived…

All stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It turns out, the creative process does too.

Full of ideas and passions, but don’t know where (or in what direction) to begin?
Are you stuck in the middle, with everything else fuzzy and just out of reach?
Do you know where you want to end up, and you’re just not sure how to get there?

A session with a Development Coach may be what gets you into gear. Forge ahead with inspiration, confidence, and ideas just waiting for you to get them written.

Your Success is our Goal

Maya Carlyle, the Development Coach of The Quill & Anvil: Creative Development has been leading writers to their passion since 2017 – and wants to do the same for you. An avid consumer and creator of science-fiction and fantasy, she nonetheless has helped people toward their success in romance (the genre), mystery, non-fiction, and blogging. Book a private session or attend a workshop, and let our Creative Development Coach (CDC) get you further down the path toward your success. 

What is a Creative Development Coach? 
A Creative Development Coach is someone who works with you toward one goal: your success. A CDC (or DC) wants to help you get in touch with your inspiration, your passion, and your expertise. They will guide you through exploring your ideas, discovering the core therein, and help you figure out step one toward your success, and then step two, three, four, and all the steps after that if needed. 

Who is Maya?
Maya is a lot of things – an Event Manager, a cat lover, a voracious reader, a life-long learner, and (for as long as she can remember) a writer. She’s also one of those people that helps others; got a question, Maya wants to help find the answer. Looking for a book to read, Maya will ask after your tastes in order to make a recommendation. Want to adopt a cat, Maya knows 8 to 12 adorable, adoptable cats just waiting for a forever home. Trying to get yourself in order to reach that goal you set, Maya wants to talk it out, help you plan step one, and to check up with you regularly to make sure it’s happening. 

That last part is what she’s bringing to The Quill & Anvil – helping you succeed, your way.

Why a quill and anvil?
One word – wordsmithing. It was too good of an image to pass up. With The Quill & Anvil you’ll forge ahead, hone your ideas, hammer out the kinks, and sharpen your skills at making things happen.

We’d love to hear from you – reach out at QandACreative@gmail.com.

Writer’s Block Blog | Monthly Group Coaching & Check-ins

Private Writing/Project Sessions | Workshops