How to Submit a Blog Post to PWL

STEP 1: Login or Register. #

Go to ProlificWriters.Life. From the top menu bar select “LOGIN/REGISTER.” If you’re already a member, you can login as you normally do. If you’re here for the first time to upload a guest blog post, you can simply “REGISTER” by entering your name and email address. Then click the “REGISTER” button.


STEP 2: Click on “Submit Blog Post.” #

After you’re registered, go to the top menu bar and hover over “MY ACCOUNT.” From the dropdown menu, select “Submit Blog Post.”


STEP 3: Complete the “Submit a Blog Post” form. #

Complete all the fields in the “Submit a Blog Post” form.


STEP 4: Click the “Submit” button. #

Once you’ve completed all the fields in the “Submit a Blog Post” form and reviewed the content, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.


STEP 5: Receive notification that your article is published. #

Thank you for submitting a blog post to Prolific Writers Life. After you’ve submitted your blog post, it goes into the editorial review queue. Then it will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation from Prolific Writers Life letting you know when your article is published.

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