How to sell a book

From the home page, click on “My Account” #

Next click on “Expert Dashboard” #

In the Expert Dashboard click on “Add Product” #

Giver your Product a Title indicating a physical book or signed copy #

Enter a description #

Select the category ‘SHOP’ so that your product will show up on the PRODUCTS page #

Also select the category “Books”. The products in this category will collect the persons ship to address when purchasing. #

Enter the price for the book. The price should include shipping and handling. #

Then publish your product #

To view your product, click on ‘PRODUCTS” in the main navigation #

After finding your product, you can click on it to view it. #

When a person buys your book, they will be asked for their address. #

When you get the order, it will look like this. #

Simply click on ‘Show Orders’ to view the detail. #

To edit your product, just return to the Expert Dashboard and select Edit Products #

You need to hover your mouse over your product, then you can click on ‘Edit’ to edit your product. #

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