How to Register as a Host

How to Register as a Host


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Prolific Writers Life ( — which we’ll refer to in shorthand as PWL) is a “Virtual Workspace” for writers, where you can connect: “collaborate with authors, editors, writers and experts who can give you the guidance, motivation and support you need to achieve your writing goals;” learn: “Participate in virtual events hosted by experts who are dedicated to helping you reach your writing goals;” and earn: “Sign up as a Host and set up your store; host events when you want; enjoy the benefits of doing what you love while having the freedom to set your own schedule and prices; and profit by sharing your know-how and experience; the more writers you help, the more you earn.” 

There are many options for the kinds of “products” you can create and offer here (downloadable docu- ments, physical products, virtual online events), but the primary product type is virtual online events. This tutorial walks you through the step-by-step process of creating and scheduling an online event. 

The website is built with WordPress, the world’s leading content management system for creating and managing websites; it also uses the widely popular ecommerce tools Woo Commerce and Marketplace. While there is a learning curve to learn how to use these tools, it does not require any coding and can be learned relatively easily — so let’s get started! 

Signing Up as a Host:

  1. As explained on the “Host” page, first you enroll as a host, then you can create, post and host events. Start by clicking on HOST (1) on the main menu at the top of the page. Then click the HOST EVENTS (2) link under Step 1.


  1. Click on the JOIN NOW button on the Host Events membership plan, which is just $4.99/month.


  1. This takes you to the Registration page; complete the registration form with your information.

A few pointers here:

  • Once you enter your email, PWL will email you a verification code; it may take a few minutes to arrive, or click the RE-SEND CODE (1) button. Enter the code once you receive it.

  • If you forget to add any required information on the form, when you click the CONFIRM button (bottom right) it will return with a magenta pink stripe (2) indicating the required field you missed. Click CONFIRM (3) when you’ve finished entering all your info.


  1. Once you’ve completed registration, you will be prompted to set up your “store;” click the
    LET’S GO! button to proceed.



Setting Up Your PWL Store:

  1. There are many fields to populate in the store set-up:

  • First — know that you can always go back later and add, edit or remove anything.

  • It’s great to have a store logo, and if you can, a store banner (which should be as close as can be to 1650 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall). 

  • Unless you have a physical business, we advise that you omit your street address, but include city and state, so others will know what time zone you’re in. (More on time zones as we set up your first event, below…)

  1. Step 2 in Store Setup is selecting your default (preferred) payment method; we find that most people prefer PayPal over Bank Transfer, so we recommend changing to PayPal. Click the CONTINUE button. Next, enter your PayPal email. This is where you will receive your earnings.


  1. Step 3 is your policy page. We recommend you offer 100% refund guarantee and having an equally generous Cancellation/Return/Exchange policy; again this can be done later, so you can write these policies now or SKIP THIS STEP and return to it later. 

  1. The next 2 steps are for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media connections. These can both help enhance your store’s appeal, but can also be returned to later… 

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  1. You’ve now completed your initial store set-up and can proceed to your store dashboard and create your first event, by clicking on the LET’S GO TO THE DASHBOARD button. 


If you want to edit your store, you can do so anytime by clicking on the Settings tab in your Store Manager Dashboard.

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  1. The next step is to create your first product; see How to Create a New Virtual Product at ProlificWriters.Life . (You need to be registered and logged in as a host in order to access this tutorial.) 

About this Tutorial:

This tutorial was created for ProlificWriters.Life by Ted Altenberg, owner and principal web designer at Agora Media Services. Ted was an educator (teacher, curriculum specialist and administrator) for 32 years, and has been doing web design for over 20 years. Until his retirement from education in the summer of 2019, web design was his “side gig;” now that he’s retired, Agora Media Services is his second career. blank

Ted is also a host here at PWL, and has a number of offerings of support, training and coaching on WordPress and other topics related to website hosting, security and design. 

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