How to Duplicate a Virtual Event

Duplicating an event is a convenient feature you can use for events that you host weekly or monthly. There’s no need to rebuild the description or the content of the event, but you will need to update the event date, the Zoom link, and the expiration date. Please follow along these steps to duplicate your event.

STEP 1: Log in and go to your “Expert Dashboard” where you can
“Edit Products.” #

Prolific Writers Life Expert Dashboard

Click on “LOGIN/REGISTER” from the top menu bar to log in. Once you’re logged in, this menu item will change to “MY ACCOUNT.” Hover over “MY ACCOUNT” and click on “Expert Dashboard.” From here you can “Edit Products.” Click on the “Edit Products” button. From here you will see a list of all your products. If you increase the window width, it’s easier to see the list of all your products.

STEP 2: Hover over the event you want to duplicate and click on “Duplicate.” #

Prolific Writers Life Duplicate an Event

When you hover over the event you want to duplicate, you’ll notice that some menu items pop up under the title of the event: “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | Preview | Duplicate.  Click on the last option, “Duplicate.”

STEP 3: Update the Title of the Event #

When you click on “Duplicate,” you’ll get a copy of the event. Look for the word “(Copy)” at the end of the title, and you’ll know that you’ve successfully duplicated the event. The first thing you want to do is to update the title. Do this immediately, before you save as a draft or publish. Whatever is in the title become the URL or permalink, so you’ll want to make sure that this reflects the new event you’re creating.

Begin by updating the date code at the beginning of the event. 

The date code for the prior event is “20805” indicating that it was on Friday, August, 5, 2022. The new event is going to be one week later on Friday, August 12, 2022, so the new code will be 20812.

Next, update the date of the event. 

The date of this event was “Aug 5.” The date for the new/duplicate event is “Aug 12.”

Finally, remove the word “(Copy).”

Once you remove the word “(Copy),” you can Save Draft.

After you “Save Draft,” you’ll notice that the Permalink/URL is not update with the new date code and date.

STEP 4: Update your Zoom links and Event Settings #

It’s essential to include Zoom links in two places for each event: 1) in the “Ticket email body” found under “Ticket settings,” and 2) in the “Thank you page text” (found under “Event Settings”).

Prolific Writers Life Duplicate Event

Update the “Ticket email body” first. 

Here’s why. You can copy/paste your Zoom ink into this field. Since it’s still on your clipboard, you’re prepared to move over to the Event Settings so you can update the “Thank you page text.”

To expand the “Ticket email body” box, mouse over the dotted triangle in the bottom right corner of the box. This will allow you to see all the text you’re copying over from Zoom.

If you’d like to thank people for their purchase or include additional notes related to your event, you can include it here. As you attend PWL events hosted by other experts, you can review their email tickets for additional examples of what you might want to include in your email tickets.

NOTE: The Zoom link automatically becomes a hot link in the ticket. What this means is that you don’t need to manually create a hyperlink for the Zoom link in the ticket. It happens automatically.

Second, update the “Event Settings” and “Thank you page text.”

Now you can copy/paste your Zoom ink into the “Thank you page text” field. Assuming your Zoom link is still on your clipboard, you can simply copy/paste.

To expand the “Ticket email body” box, mouse over the dotted triangle in the bottom right corner of the box. This will allow you to see all the text you’re copying over from Zoom.

The Zoom link does not automatically becomes a hot link in the ticket. You need to do this manually. For the convenience of your customers, it’s helpful to hyperlink the Zoom meeting url. Simply hover over the entire url, and copy/paste it into the hyperlink. This is especially important for people who sign up at the last minute. From there they can easily click on the link from the “Order Complete” thank you page. See the sample thank you page below showing the live link below in blue.

Prolific Writers Life screenshot

STEP 5: Update the “Expiration Date” #

Click on the “Event Expiration” tab. From there, change the “Event expiration date and time in UTC timezone and time in UTC timezone” to the day after your event. This will keep your event active on the calendar all day and help to ensure that it doesn’t disappear before the start of your event due to a backend time zone miscalculation.

NOTE: Please do not set your event expiration date fifteen or thirty minutes after your event start time. We’re working on getting the time zones syncing across the platform, but they’re not all quite aligned yet.

STEP 6: “Update” your event and confirm that it appears on the PWL calendar on the correct date. #

After you add your event, be sure to check the calendar to make sure it appears on the right day at the right time with the right descriptive title, including the right date code preceding the title.

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