How to Create a New Virtual Event

    • V 7.2.2022

Introduction: #

Prolific Writers Life ( — which we’ll refer to in shorthand as PWL) is a “Virtual Workspace” for writers, where you can connect: “collaborate with authors, editors, writers and experts who can give you the guidance, motivation and support you need to achieve your writing goals;” learn: “Participate in virtual events hosted by experts who are dedicated to helping you reach your writing goals;” and earn: “Apply to be an Expert and set up your store; host events when you want; enjoy the benefits of doing what you love while having the freedom to set your own schedule and prices; and profit by sharing your know-how and experience; the more writers you help, the more you earn.” 

There are many options for the kinds of “products” you can create and offer here (downloadable documents, physical products, virtual online events), but the primary product type is virtual online events. This tutorial walks you through the step-by-step process of creating and scheduling an online event. 

This is Step Two of being an Expert at PWL; Step One is applying to be an Expert and setting up your “storefront,” which is covered in the tutorial How to Apply to be an Expert and setup a Store at ProlificWriters.Life. Now that you have your PWL store set up, it’s time to create your first product.

Creating a Virtual Event: #

  1. The Expert Dashboard is relatively simple.  It allows you to 1) VIEW YOUR STORE, 2) Edit STORE SETTINGS, 3) ADD a NEW PRODUCT, or 4) EDIT PRODUCTS. 

  1. Begin clicking ‘ADD NEW PRODUCT’, you can add new products. NOTE: You are now on the ‘back-end’ of the website.  You can navigate back to the front-end by selecting ‘Prolific Writers Life’ in the top left navigation and selecting ‘Visit Site’

  1. The first step in defining and describing your new “product” is to give it a product name. The name is what will show up in the store and how customers will identify your product.

  1. Next you will want to provide a text description of your product. NOTE: While you can add images here, this will only show up in the text description area of the product, we will add images later in the tutorial.
  2. The next section is where you will enter the details of your event.