man writing prolific writers life photo by Alejandro Escamilla

Find an Online Writing Community to Fast Track Your Writing Progress

Wish you could fast track the writing life of your dreams?

man writing prolific writers life photo by Alejandro Escamilla

Here’s the secret.

Success in writing comes through navigating many processes: writing, editing, publishing, marketing. The journey is different for every writer, but there’s one strategy that works better than any other:

Build your writing community.

When you surround yourself with a community of fellow writers and experts you trust, your odds of success go up. The biggest influence on your life is the people you spend time with. This anonymous quote sums it up:

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

You can use this to your advantage. Seek out people who resonate with the life you want. You might have to search for a while until you find them, but it’s worth it. Traveling together is truly the secret to getting there faster.


Lorraine Haataia Founder Prolific Writers Life

Lorraine Haataia is the founder of Prolific Writers Life, the online place where writers get their projects done.

She hosts a number of events including Prolific Writers Cafe. This free event is held every Wednesday. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the writers and experts in the Prolific Writers Life community.


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