Stephanie Feger

The emPower PR Group is a boutique book marketing solution for nonfiction authors, helping them write marketable books that sell; promote their books to those who need them, want them, and will buy them; and build meaningful businesses around their emPowering messages. Together with her team, Stephanie Feger develops customized marketing strategies and associated tactics to ensure those who need to hear of a message, a product, a book or a brand, do. When is the best time to pull in marketing? Today. No joke. It’s never too early or too late! Learn more about the emPower PR Group at

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  • FREE 15-Minute Marketing Chat with Stephanie Feger

    Free 15-Minute Marketing Chat

    Hey, author friend! Stephanie Feger here, and I’m excited to connect with you on your book marketing efforts. This call will be a Zoom call where we can dive into your marketing challenges, questions and concerns, and I’m happy to highlight how the emPower PR Group can help you. I look forward to chatting soon.
    Event Time: 00:00 a.m.