Rod Sanford

Rod Sanford, originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, has a dual degree in Journalism and AgEducation from Southern Illinois University. He has received several awards for his editorial and fiction writing, but he always described himself as a storyteller.


“Telling a good story with real characters will turn good writing into great writing, but all the writing mechanics in the world won’t fix an incomplete tale…… “

Rod is the author the three very popular and exciting book franchises.

 The Paladin Mysteries follows Lem Phillips and his team as they provide security detail at African American events like the New Orleans JazzFest, HBCU Football Classics, and the Inkwell at Martha’s Vineyard. there is murder, theft, betrayal, and blackmail.

The Teke (teek) Manion Mysteries follows insurance investigator Teke Manion as he recovers pirate gold after a hurricane, negotiates ransoms in Colombia, and solves murders in Gulf Coast Florida.

Legend of the Tigris is a fantasy adventure for grades 9-12. Set in 19th-century Asia, it follows a mystic female tiger Sasha and her American Clipper Ship Captain Seth as they complete an ancient quest before the industrial wave threatens the ancient world.

Rod is a colon cancer survivor. His memoir, Balance Patience and Faith, details his journey, the contributions and help from surprising sources, and the lessons that will help anyone going through a life struggle.

Rod currently lives with his family in Orlando, Florida. When not writing, he loves to garden, travel, and spoil his Labradoodles – Jaxson and Rosie, two “squeaky toy” champions.


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