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Linton McClain

Linton McClain is an author, entrepreneur and coach. He helps you condition your mind to have the endurance, focus and consistency for daily writing. Writing is a marathon! He helps you create healthy habits to enhance your long-term performance and go the distance. Are you writing a book or a blog? Are you wanting to become a more active writer? Multitasking can be time consuming and costly in the long-run.

A strategic approach can make all the difference with any writing project you decide to take on.There are a number of facets to being an efficient writer. You can be very proficient at completing solo tasks. However, managing numerous tasks at once is a different matter all together. Having a performance coach in your corner goes a long way when multitasking can’t be avoided. Join Linton for his Words Count Writing Session during the week or sign up for his Daily Accountability program to increase your writing performance.

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