Colleen Grace Clabby

Hello! Greetings and blessings to you. I am from the East Coast of New England and grew up near the seaport town of Mystic, CT.  From there, I went to Radio, T.V. and Theater school in Boston, Ma., and then onto NYC where I met a man who I would spend the next twenty years of my life with. My travels would take me all over the world, until my mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. When in the act of prayer asking God for help, I heard a loud commanding voice answer me, proclaiming that, “we humans could heal ourselves with color, sound and vibration.” From that profound transcendental experience, I was determined to hear more. Eventually, I became a highly tuned intuitive and sound healer practitioner. Graduating from All Faith seminary school in NYC 2009, my gifts of healing come in the form as clairaudient soul communicator and spiritual counselor. It has been my greatest gift of grace to serve in this capacity since 2006 and write about this incredible journey though my memoir, My Mystic Road. I have also produced two CD’s with healing meditations called Windfall: The Trilogy. From 2017-2023, I enjoyed podcasting, sharing the life and travels of my mystical journey with other cosmic travelers, seekers, teachers, and healers. May the sound of your life and your love bring you great peace and joy.

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