Bob Haataia

Bob is a Principal Product Manager at Prolific Writers Life. He received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Western Washington University. He has managed products for IBM, Symantec, Veritas, Equinix, and Prolific Writers Life. He enjoys seeing products add value to people.

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  • Wordpress Hourly Consulting with PWL Expert Bob Haataia

    WordPress Hourly Consulting


    Bob is a Product Manager with 15 years’ experience. I built and currently maintain  As a Product Manager, I understand your needs and can translate that into a beautifully functional website. Why do you need a website: Every Author needs a good website Content needs to be fresh Why I recommend WordPress: WordPress is…

    Event Time: 00:00
  • Ask Me Anything: Wordpress for writers with Bob Haataia

    40311 Ask me Anything: WordPress for Writers (Mar 11, 12:30 pm PT, 3:30 pm ET)


    This workshop is for writers of all levels who are interested in learning more about using WordPress to share their work, build an online presence, and connect with readers.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Participants will gain a basic understanding of WordPress and its features for writers.
    • Participants will learn how to create a simple WordPress website or blog.
    • Participants will discover plugins and resources specifically designed for writers.
    • Participants will feel comfortable asking questions and exploring possibilities on the platform.
    Event Time: 12:30