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Frequently Asked Questions

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Prolific Writers Life is an online writing community with live work sessions, events, and workshops. We welcome all writers and all types of writing—from creative writing such as novels, poems, and screenplays to professional writing like blogs, newsletters, ghostwriting, and technical writing. PWL Experts host live events for writers and authors who are seeking expert guidance on their writing projects, as well as the benefits that come from working in community with fellow writers. 

On the Prolific Writers Life About page, you can gain more insight into our vision, mission, services, values and more.

EVENTS typically range from sixty to ninety minutes. You have the freedom, however, to schedule your events for any length of time. You can, for example, host a fifteen-minute daily accountability check in, or run a 12-hour writing marathon with check-ins at the top of each hour. The limitation of the length of the event is driven mainly by the purpose of your meeting and the attention span of the participants.

In order to maintain consistency for participants, we recommend that you use Zoom video conferencing to host your events. It offers all sorts of features for professional hosting. Our tutorials are written with the assumption that you’re using Zoom. 

If you’re doing a special event, you can use other platforms such as WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other. When listing your events, be sure to mention the video conferencing platform you’re using and any special instructions people may need if it’s the first time they’re using a particular conferencing platform. 

Although we are mainly dedicated to hosting virtual events, our ticketing system allows you to sell tickets for live events as well.

As an expert with Prolific Writers Life, you are free to set your own schedule and pricing for all your products and events. We provide a feature-rich shopping cart, and we help promote your events. In addition to displaying your events and products in your store, they also appear on the EVENTS and PRODUCTS pages. This allows you to reap the benefits of PWL marketing, as well as the marketing that fellow experts are doing for their events.

We drive traffic to PWL through the following:

But the best marketing takes place through the expansive reach of our experts and members as a whole. You get the benefit of the combined traffic coming to the site as other PWL experts promote their events and blog posts. This provides organic and exponential growth for everyone in the community. We share Best Practices for Promoting Your PWL Store so that every PWL Expert has the best chance of success.

There is no cap on how much you can earn. Once you become a member of Prolific Writers Life and your expert application is approved, you keep 80% commission on all your sales. You are free to host as many EVENTS as you want. And you’re free to list an unlimited number of items in the PRODUCTS. How much you earn is directly related to the number of events and shop items you list, as well as how much effort you put into promoting them. You have the added benefit of promotion from the entire Prolific Writers Life community.

You are free to schedule events at any time of day or night. PWL PRODUCTS and EVENTS are available 24/7. Choose a time that works best for you, when you’re most alert and able to give your full attention to participants. Whenever possible, please schedule your event during a time slot that’s free on the calendar. This reduces the chance that members miss your event because it conflicts with another event on the calendar. 

People can join in from any time zone around the world. If you want to reach people in a particular target market or location, it makes sense to take into consideration when they’re most likely to be available. Although all the current experts are scattered throughout the United States, we are taking steps to grow our membership to English-speaking writers throughout the world. 

You set your own prices. Check out the EVENTS and PRODUCTS pages to get an idea of what other PWL Experts are charging.

What’s most important is that both you and your participants feel comfortable with the pricing. Our goal here at PWL is to offer affordable opportunities that help writers build relationships and have fun in pursuit of their goals. If all of your events are free, it could end up sending the wrong message that you don’t have much to offer in terms of value. If all of your events are high ticket, then you might miss the opportunity for people to get to know you before they decide to work with you. We recommend that you experiment with a variety of price points so that both you and the participants feel good about the value.

PWL Experts offer a number of events that are included in your membership. This is a way that experts can give back to the community while getting to know members. These paid events are free for members. 

Our primary focus in the community is live online EVENTS where writers and authors have the opportunity to get to know and work with writing industry experts. 

Although our main focus at PWL is to sell live events and coaching sessions, you can also sell PRODUCTS such as digital downloads in the form of Ebooks, audiobooks, video recordings and more. You can also sell subscriptions, books signed by the author, and more. 

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