How to sell a book

From the home page, click on “My Account” #

Next click on “Expert Dashboard” #

In the Expert Dashboard click on “Add Product” #

Giver your Product a Title indicating a physical book or signed copy #

Enter a description #

Select the category ‘SHOP’ so that your product will show up on the PRODUCTS page #

Also select the category “Books”. The products in this category will collect the persons ship to address when purchasing. #

Enter the price for the book. The price should include shipping and handling. #

Add any images required for the product.  The Product Image will be the primary image shown and is recommended to be the book cover.  You can add additional images in the product gallery. #

Then publish your product #

To view your product, click on ‘PRODUCTS” in the main navigation #

After finding your product, you can click on it to view it. #

When a person buys your book, they will be asked for their address. #

When you get the order, it will look like this. #

Simply click on ‘Show Orders’ to view the detail. #

To edit your product, just return to the Expert Dashboard and select Edit Products #

You need to hover your mouse over your product, then you can click on ‘Edit’ to edit your product. #

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