Thank you for your interest in becoming an expert with Prolific Writers Life. We value our experts and want to ensure you make the most of your opportunity to help our members publish their books and build the writing life they want.

As a Prolific Writers Life expert, we ask that you keep at least one event or product in your store at all times. This could be a weekly event, a coaching session, a downloadable book, or a free consultation session, for example. If you already host events or coaching sessions, products, or webinars on your website, you can make these available through your Prolific Writers Life store as well. We recommend that you offer discounted pricing for Prolific Writers Life members.

As a Prolific Writers Life Expert, we ask that you give back one hour per week to the community. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few examples: host a weekly Words Count writing session; host a weekly publishing or marketing work session; write a weekly blog post; syndicate a weekly blog post from your blog; interview PWL members on your podcast; serve on the PWL Advisory Board; assist with the PWL marketing or website design. What skills or talents do you have? We are open to many other ways you can help to enrich and expand the PWL community.

Prolific Writers Life pays out 80% commission on all your sales. The other 20% is used for website hosting expenses, marketing your PWL events and products, payment processing fees, and other backend costs.

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