Prolific Writers Life Expert Application

1. Thank you for applying to become an expert with Prolific Writers Life. Our community is founded on a team of experts who are deeply passionate about helping writers achieve their goals as authors.

2. As a Prolific Writers Life expert, we encourage you to maintain at least one event or product in your store consistently, whether it’s a weekly event, coaching session, downloadable book, or consultation, for example. Offering multiple events or products can provide even more value to our community members. If you already have existing events, products, or webinars, you can make these available through your Prolific Writers Life store as well, ideally with discounted pricing for Prolific Writers Life members.

3. As a Prolific Writers Life Expert, your involvement plays an essential role in our community’s growth and vitality. Your contributions could include hosting regular writing sessions, offering coaching or mentoring services, contributing to the Prolific Writers Life blog, inviting members to participate in your podcast, or serving on our advisory board. Additionally, sharing Prolific Writers Life updates and events on your social media platforms and newsletters can help foster engagement and connection among members. We welcome your ideas and commitment to enriching and expanding the Prolific Writers Life community.

Prolific Writers Life pays out 80% commission on all your sales. The other 20% is used for website hosting expenses, marketing your PWL events and products, payment processing fees, and other backend costs. If your annual payout exceeds $600, you will receive a 1099-K from Prolific Writers Life.

Vendor Terms of Service*