Compass Writers Officers • Roles and Responsibilities

In order to ensure the stability, sustainability, and growth of Compass Writers, it takes a team of dedicated officers. If you’re interested in serving as an officer, please contact Lorraine Haataia at

Lorraine Haataia, PhD
Lorraine Haataia, Ph.D.


  • Organize and oversee all aspects of Compass Writers to ensure stability, sustainability, and growth
  • Support and train all officers so that they can be successful in their roles and responsibilities
  • Maintain a close connection with Compass Christian Church leadership to ensure that Compass Writers events stay in alignment with their vision for this ministry
  • Open and close Compass Writers meetings and events

Vice President of Education (VPE)

  • Identify and invite speakers 
  • Send reminders and/or call speakers one week and one day before the event
  • Welcome speaker when s/he arrives (offer bottled water, introduce to videographer)
  • Help speaker set up a table for the end of the meeting
  • Send a thank you follow-up note/gift to speakers
  • Talk to members to find out what type of speakers they want to hear from and ask if they know anyone who might want to speak at Compass Writers
  • Open and close Compass Writers meetings when president is absent

Vice President of Membership (VPM)

  • Attend to the needs and wishes of our current members
  • Welcome guests as they arrive to the meeting (introduce them to others, ask them to complete a guest form)
  • Grow our membership
  • Set up small feedback groups, rotating members to guests are dispersed among the groups and members get to work with different people each time

Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR)

  • Manage Compass Writers blog
  • Ensure that someone is scheduled to record speaker at every meeting
  • Promote Compass Writers via social media before and after every meeting, and throughout the month
  • Note the questions that members ask speakers, record Q&A snippets that can be used for social media posts


  • Track and account for purchases such as T-shirts, name tags, door prizes, or marketing services


  •  Keep meeting notes at officer’s meetings
  • Perform the duties of any officer who is absent from the meeting
  • Make copies of writing samples for first-time guests who didn’t know to bring copies of their writing sample
  • Keep extra copies of guest forms, meeting agendas, and any other documents that might be needed during the meeting 
  • Distribute meeting agendas to all members (as needed) and guests before the meeting starts

Sergeant at Arms (SAA)

  • Arrive early to unlock the building
  • Display Compass Writers signs so guests can easily find the room
  • Set up room before people arrive
  • As people arrive, make sure everyone is comfortable, and make accommodations for any special needs regarding wheelchairs, service dogs, visual impairment, and so on
  • Turn off lights and lock up the building after everyone leaves