Zoom Forward! Santa Cruz Area Writers & Poets Offer Readings

“Zoom Forward!” is an ongoing series of virtual readings by Santa Cruz area writers and [...]

What makes me act the way I do?

The following few lines are not my own, but the writing of a gentlemannamed Vernon [...]

Making Noise : How to develop a marketing campaign

You have a great product.  How do we get people to pay attention to it?  [...]

Branding with an Impact

Your branding needs to make an impact. Do you want to reach the masses? Do [...]

Brand New

What does it take to establish a strong brand.  It takes commitment, dedication, and a [...]


The Best Time to Write is Always Now

Forget the future. It’s always now. Forget the past. It’s always now. The only time [...]

This is Hump Week: Are you Half Way There?

Are you on track with what you want to accomplish this year? Week 25 of [...]

A Writer’s Super Power: Shift in Perspective

The ability to manifest a shift in perspective is a super power. Since you’re capable [...]

Manto’s Writing Ritual

Writing rituals are like training wheels that keep you balanced as you’re learning to ride. [...]

Isaac Asimov’s Secret to Prolific Writing

Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. He was [...]

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