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Prolific Writers Cafe • Preparation for Featured Guests

Help Us Promote the Event

Review your event description in advance to be sure that your photo, bio, and details are accurate. You can find your event link by clicking on the Prolific Writers Cafe landing page at:

We’re excited to promote your appearance through Prolific Writers Life, Write Something Worthy, and Hallagen Ink. We will create event artwork to share in our newsletter and on our social media channels that you can share with your followers as well. 

Please share your day at the Cafe in your newsletter, on your social media channels, and other avenues you have to reach your followers. We recommend sending out the direct link to the event so it’s easy for them to buy a ticket

Review Zoom Etiquette in Advance

Once your event is finalized, you will receive a Zoom link for your appearance. This link is for your use only.  

This will be a Zoom video in presentation style. You will be highlighted along with hosts Tanya and Lorraine. Attendees who are on the call will be able to put their questions in the chat, but they won’t appear in the video. 

Connection: If you are able to plug in to the internet with an ethernet cable, this allows for the best internet connection. If not, the closer to the router the better. For best connection using WiFi, make sure no one else at your location is using any devices connected to the internet (such as video streaming platforms).

Video Settings: In your Zoom video settings, CHECK the following: Enable HD, Mirror My Video, Touch Up My Appearance, and Hide Non-Video Participants. UNCHECK: Always Display Participant Name on Their Video. If using a phone for the Zoom, keep it horizontal for best filming quality.

Background: Your office setting is likely all you need, but if your home office shows a bed (or other personal areas of your home) in the background, please consider using a virtual background. Virtual backgrounds work well if you have good lighting on your face. Greenscreens help to minimize distortion. Virtual backgrounds are great if you want to reinforce your brand with appropriate logos and or scenes.  

What to Wear: Be comfortable and representative of you! Go for business casual. Avoid wearing all white or busy patterns.

Lighting: If you have a ring light, please use it. If not, find a space that is well lit from the front.

Where to sit: Choose a relatively quiet space with no windows directly behind you. Be close enough to an outlet to keep your device(s) charged.

Audio: Remember to silence all notifications on your devices. And please do your best to choose a location with minimal background noise from pets, children, conversations, or any other distracting sounds. Refrain from tapping fingers, clicking pens, or other noise your mic may pick up. If wearing wired earbuds, be mindful of rubbing against your hair or shirt collars.

Prepare for Event Day

Come prepared to have a conversation in your area of expertise. We may provide you with some sample questions in advance, but keep in mind we’ve designed the Cafe to be a casual conversation, not a canned presentation.

Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of your event for a tech check. 

About Prolific Writers Cafe

The purpose of Prolific Writers Cafe is to help writers and authors navigate the writing world with confidence. Participants can ask questions through the chat. Lorraine and/or Tanya will manage the questions. Click here to see more details about Prolific Writers Cafe

If you haven’t already submitted your application to be a featured guest at Prolific Writers Cafe, click here to submit your application.