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My first experience with a brand goes back to my youth. I was completely unaware of there being such a thing called “branding” in the world. I wanted a pair of shoes called “Nikes.”  I didn’t know what they were. I didn’t know why they were so special.  I just knew that I didn’t have them, they looked cool on commercials, and people were wearing them at my school. Everyone was talking about each new pair of Nikes they would try and poor me could not get a single pair.  My world was crumbling as I could not even join a conversation about the shoes that everyone seemed to have except yours truly. This was one of my first experiences with the impact of effective branding methods.  

Like you, I have had many ideas when it comes to branding. I didn’t know where to start nor did I understand the concept of branding entirely. If you recap the story above then you can see hidden in the story line are a few secret ingredients of effective branding.  Read the story again before you read on. Maybe you can pick out these important ingredients.  We have become so accustomed to receiving information that we rarely question why it makes us feel or respond a certain way.  Are you ready for the answers?  Effective branding has an impactful product or service, a marketing campaign, happy customers or clients, and a exciting conversation around using the product.  It sounds like common sense.  Unfortunately, common sense has to be in common practice.  Unfortunately, we don’t have enough practice when we are new at something. Since you are Brand New we need to catch up and make our branding common practice and common sense.  In this article I will share insight into why these ingredients I mentioned above create the perfect recipe for great branding.

What is an impactful product or service? It is one that increases efficiency, saves time, saves money, enhances an experience, enhances health, etc.  You get the point.  An impactful product or service makes life better.  Not only does it make life better.  The product or the service makes it easy to do life better.  You have seen this many times when you see an infomercial with the spokesperson saying “All you need to do it turn it on press the button and it’s ready in five minutes.” It’s so easy to use that it makes you want to try just so you can say you have tried it.  Think about in other areas of your life.  Have you made additions to your house, tried a new service, or experimented with a new product because it seemed like it could make a difference?  Chances are that you tried it because it seemed easy enough.  Now, you didn’t get there on your own. You had some help with effective marketing. 

An effective marketing campaign gets people looking and listening.  It’s as simple as that.  A marketing campaign has a target market. You may or may not be in a target market for a particular product or service. That’s why it doesn’t stand out to you. However, when you are in the bullseye of a target market, it grabs your attention and won’t let you go.  A marketing campaign doesn’t want everyone.  It just needs the people who are in the target market for the product design and purpose.  There are thousands of products and services designed for specific people during specific times of their life.  When you are in need there will be a product and a service to meet your demand.  If not, trust me, it will be coming soon.  Marketing campaigns get people in target markets to try a product or service.  If the product is right for the customer or client then we have a happy customer.

 A happy customer is the best type of marketing and advertisement.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  The customer will keep purchasing the product or using the service as long as it serves their needs.  How do companies come up with new products and services? With happy customers.  Not only that, happy customers talk a lot about their experience to their friends and family. A customers friends and family are great “new customers” because they validate the product or service from the angle of credibility.  This angle of credibility can only come from a friend or family with longstanding relationships of trust and loyalty.  It’s easy to trust the word of a friend or family member.  A great brand has happy customers that recruit friends and family members to try products and services.  That recruiting happens only one way; through great conversation.

A timely conversation recruits a listening ear easily.  A conversation at the right time can be the missing link in any ordeal or situation.  Family and friends find it very easy to confide in another family member or friend for a situation that needs improvement.  This experience of helping a family member or friend improve their situation is invaluable to a brand.  This is how household names are born. Referrals are the best type of business.  They don’t require any sales techniques or formulas. From the conversation perspective, the new customer simply wants the same thing Uncle Johnny and Joline have in their kitchen. They might even bring pictures to show exactly what they mean.  At the end of the day a great brand has a great conversation wrapped around it at all times. You know what I’m talking about.

As you can see, there are a few secret ingredients you need in your brand.  As you are Brand New, start thinking about ways to answer those very important questions around your brand. How will your product or service be impactful? What would be an effective marketing campaign? What would an example of a happy customer? What kinds of conversations would revolve around your branding.  At this point, you have a few questions to answer.  What’s happens next for you in this Brand New stage of your life?

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  1. Thanks for an entertaining and stimulating article. You’ve got me thinking about answers to your questions re. branding for the “Brand New.” (Love that concept!)

    1. You are very welcome Paula. I hope each article continues to give an equally entertaining and stimulating experience. Stay tuned for the next one.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the ACTION idea: I just booked a call for next Tues. with the PR person I mentioned during our session today!

    1. You are very welcome. I am very happy that today’s talk helped you take action. Please enjoy the next article I posted. I hope it reinforces many of the topics we discussed today.

  3. Thank you for encouraging us to do the work we love to do with the people we want to work with. As an entrepreneur responsible for many roles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your reminder to stay focused on providing great products and services that result in customer satisfaction is very helpful. It’s a relief to be reminded that happy customers will take the opportunity to participate in those “timely conversations,” and help spread the word for us. I always feel uplifted after each of your coaching calls!

    1. You are welcome Lorraine. I am grateful for this feedback. This process we are all going through is a journey, an experience, and a destination. We can make our expectations realistic when we embrace that concept. “Uplifting” is a word I like to hear during any dialogue. Let’s keep moving in that direction.

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