With practice, writers can develop the powerful skill of examining their own thoughts.

If you want to write more but your mind is getting in the way, one [...]

Plotting for a Pantser: The Grand Experiment

As a writer, I’m primarily a pantser*. I get a line or an image or [...]

Being a Creator with Depression

Even as I typed the title of this, I realised that it could be read [...]

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Tips and Tricks from the Event Industry

An Introduction: I have been a Meetings & Events professional for well over fifteen years. [...]

Is Your Virtual Reading Accessible?

Make Your Virtual Reading Accessible For authors who had been looking forward to book signings [...]

I want to be a full-time writer. What should I do?

Many writers love the idea of becoming a full-time writer, but aren’t sure of the [...]

Zoom Forward! Santa Cruz Area Writers & Poets Offer Readings

“Zoom Forward!” is an ongoing series of virtual readings by Santa Cruz area writers and [...]

Your Elusive Creative Genius

At this week’s Writers Forum, we were discussing how writers find their creative inspirations, what [...]

What makes me act the way I do?

The following few lines are not my own, but the writing of a gentlemannamed Vernon [...]

A brief burst of enlightenment

What joy to learn that union brings no loss but only gain...