How “Words Count” with Prolific Writers Life Made My Day

I live with anxiety. I live with deadlines and worries and fears about my future. [...]

How to Succeed At A Daily Blog Challenge

A daily blog challenge is a great way to increase your word count and grow [...]

How Do I Find the Right Narrator(s) For My Audiobook?

You know you want to produce an audiobook, but you’re worried you’ll end up with [...]


The Unexpected Solution to Overcome Writer’s Block

Take a look around the internet and on store bookshelves, and you can find plenty [...]

Find an Online Writing Community to Fast Track Your Writing Progress

Wish you could fast track the writing life of your dreams? Here’s the secret. Success [...]

Are You a Writer Who Has Trouble Finishing What You Start?

Do you have too many things to do? This frustrating mountain of tasks comes from [...]

Video: Author Ivan Farber in Conversation with Prolific Writers Life Founder Lorraine Haataia

On this episode of Conversations About Conversations, Ivan Farber spoke with Dr. Lorraine Haataia about [...]

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Where Can You Find an Online Writing Group? Here!

Achieve your writing goals with a writers group that is always near you. At Prolific [...]

Poetry Quiz – First Lines

by Julie A. Fast and Keiko O’Leary, PWL Staff Writers Attention all poetry lovers! Take [...]

Poetry Postcard Event Open to Poets and Writers around the World

Prolific Writers Life is excited to announce a collaboration with the Seattle Poetics Lab, also [...]

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