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The Best Time to Write is Always Now

Forget the future. It’s always now. Forget the past. It’s always now. The only time you can write is now. If it’s important to note, do it now. The writer writes because it’s important now. It’s the most important thing for a writer to do.

The Writer has an inner ancient voice nagging that the garbage must be taken out, the dishes washed, and the laundry folded and hung . . . all before doing what the heart desires. And so the Writer puts off writing until some absurd time known as “later.” The Writer slogs along carrying a toxic load. It’s not the garbage bag and it’s not the laundry basket. It’s the inner desire to write which is being suppressed by the ancient voice, a scolding that says, “you must do this and that because this and that are more important now.”

The Guiding Voice within urges the Writer to write, while the ancient voice scolds the Guide to shut up and go away. This tortuous process can keep the Writer stifled for weeks, months, years.

The call to write is now. The Guiding Voice calls you to write and to live the life you wish to write about. The only way to heal your Mind of writer’s block is to allow the words to flow. The Writer who can not seem to write must write his Declaration of Constipation. As he writes why he is unable to push out the words, he immediately begins to loosen the toxic clog. As he lets go of one word after another, the stagnant matter releases. The stench fills the room. But this isn’t the ending.

Open the windows. It’s the beginning. Now the Writer is ready to release words from the heart. And he realizes that the best time to write, regardless of feelings, is now.

The Writer who raves about her success of the past and of all her good intentions for the future is off course. The one who has the call to write will remain out of balance until she inhales the breath of life, and exhales the flow of words. This is the natural state for a Writer.

A Carpenter gathers up the materials and supplies and then builds. He has a process of collecting, building and then moving onto the next project. Otherwise he builds himself into a corner from which he can’t escape. The completed projects must have a specific place to stand. They must! And he must build a door to escape. He must!

best time to write is now
The best time to write is always now!

The Writer too must have a place to put her thoughts. They must have a place to land and a place to live. The Writer’s words can not remain inside where they will rot and stagnate. Words are meant to be shared. They deserve space on your bookcase. And they deserve to be shared with people who are hungry for what you have to offer. Your best words ever are fresh off the pen while the ink is still wet. The only time to live is always now. And the best time to write is now.

A tree never holds onto last year’s harvest. The fruits must drop in season. The writer’s harvest season is defined by the Writer. The Writer has a choice to shift perspective at any time. It’s true that when it’s winter in Chile, it’s summer in the United States. And so it is summer and winter simultaneously. It’s up to the Writer on the timing and location of the writing and sharing. But, dear friend, remember the answer to the question. When is the best time to write? It’s always now.

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