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What are Two Big Benefits of Being Prolific?

Pablo Picasso is one of the most prolific artists of all time. He produced about 50,000 pieces of art. He was productive throughout his whole lifetime even into his 80s and 90s. He mastered the art of being prolific. His works are displayed in museums and collections throughout the world including: Musée Picasso Paris, Museo Picasso Málaga, Museu Picasso de Barcelona, and many more.

Being prolific means that you’re putting out an extraordinary number of works. What are you producing in your life? What is your output?

Are you prolific?

This is a yes or no question.

Leo Gura is the Founder of He gets excited about reaching world class self-mastery and helping others do the same. He’s passionate about sharing strategies that help people unleash their full potential. He’s also a prolific reader. Over a five year period, he read over 250 books. In other words, he read a book a week for five years.

Leo Reviews Top 200 Self-Help Books

Leo loves making things. He needs to be working on things to feel happy and feel like he’s making the best use of his time. His happiness correlates with his productivity. He senses that when his productivity drops, his happiness drops as well. This may not be true for you, but if you are feeling frustrated or unhappy, consider being prolific with something. “Most people aren’t even productive, let alone being prolific,” he says.

Would you like to be prolific?

Being prolific means that you produce a lot of works. If you love golf, you’re entering tournaments all the time. If you’re a prolific writer, this means you’re writing every day. You put out pages and content nearly every day. Over time you put out a lot of books. Stephen King and Isaac Asimov are prolific writers. Prolific artists fill museums and galleries with works of art. Prolific writers fill library and book store shelves with books.

King has published 59 novels, including seven under the pen name of Richard Bachman. He has also published over 200 short stories and five nonfiction books including On Writing, a terrific guide for writers.

Asimov wrote and edited more than 500 books and an estimated 90,000 letters and postcards, including a nonfiction book he wrote with his wife: How to Enjoy Writing: A Book of Aid and Comfort by Janet and Isaac Asimov.

“When you’re that prolific with something, it’s hard to suck at it,” Leo says. “There’s a Buddhist saying that when you read a book a thousand times, you’re bound to understand it. There’s something powerful about putting sheer force behind your action.”

Break barriers by being so persistent with what you’re doing that you become the best of the best.

You become the best by being extremely prolific. Being prolific is how you become the best in the world at something. If you’re a salesperson, it means that you’re reaching out to potential customers all the time. If you’re a prolific entrepreneur, then you get businesses started, sell them off and then start launching more. This is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Being prolific doesn’t mean that every work you create is a big success. Not all of the businesses will be successful, but even if only a few are, it can have a huge impact. It can change the course of your life for the better and impact countless others as well.

Pablo Picaso prolific artist writers life

Many of Picasso’s works were sketches and not big pieces of work, but they all counted in helping him become the great artist he was. The fact that he kept producing is what makes him so good. This applies to every area of your life.

What are the two biggest benefits to being prolific?

Being prolific can boost many areas of your life. Two big benefits to being prolific include:

1. Being prolific will help you become successful.

You can overcome almost everything if you’re super productive at something. Being prolific is what helps you gain mastery. If you’re so good, then you can’t be ignored. If you’re worried about money, paying your bills, and paying off credit cards, being prolific can help you solve your cash flow issues.

2. Being prolific you will help you master your craft.

Being prolific helps you become great at what you do. This means that you can earn money for what you do. You will become So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Check out Cal Newport’s book by this title:

This makes a good case for anyone who wants to get good at something. As you produce more, you become better at the production process. Become so good that you can demand a high paycheck. Being prolific positions you to demand creative autonomy and become more self-expressive. You can reach world class status in a particular area. This is rewarding not only for you, but for others as well.

When you master something, you get in a flow state. Picasso’s life was all about art. Imagine him waking up in the morning and going to a canvas to paint. He did it because it gave him pleasure. To him, painting was as easy as breathing.

Pay attention to your routines and habits that you do automatically. If you treat your work as important as your breath, then it becomes a natural part of your life flow.

How can you become prolific?

You can create a super charged life. The only way you can become prolific is to master the skills required to do what you love. Think about your life purpose. Once you gain a deep understanding of your purpose, wake up and do it every day. Think about how you can move yourself into being prolific every day. It takes a certain commitment to get there. It’s a higher state of being.

Most people are living a comfortable hum-drum life. They work from 9-5 life without having much passion or energy for their work. But you can have a supercharged life by being prolific at what you love. Not only does it supercharge your work, it also fixes other problems in your life.

If you wish you had more time, more creative freedom, and more financial independence, being prolific can help you in all these areas. But you have to work for it through self-mastery. When you make your work pleasant, it sets off a cycle of inspiration not only for you, but also for your fans and followers.

If you’d like to hear Leo’s verbal explanation of being prolific, check out his video at:

Get on track. Get yourself in the right state of mind. It’s worth it!

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