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Our platform is dedicated to assisting writers in every aspect of their writing journey. We understand that writing can be a solitary and challenging undertaking, so we offer a vibrant online community that connects writers with experts in their respective genres and writing processes. Whether you are a novice or an experienced writer, our platform offers unparalleled support to help you complete your writing projects successfully.

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Lorraine Haataia PhD Founder Prolific Writers Life

Our Founder

Lorraine Haataia, Ph.D.

Lorraine is the founder of Prolific Writers Life. She earned six college degrees by the age of 35. Writing has been the core of her career as a professor, content marketing specialist, continuous improvement representative, and grants analyst. 

She has earned a Distinguished Toastmasters Award as well as an ASTD award for delivering results-based training. She is a TEDx speaker and is also a co-creator of the YouTube channel Techie and Writer. 

Prolific Writers Life reflects her vision of a virtual community where writers can tap into a global network of writing industry experts and get the help they need to expedite their writing projects. 

Our Vision, Mission, and Service

Our Mission

is to facilitate long-term relationships among writers and trusted experts who can help them finish their writing projects.

Our Service

is to provide online access to experts, events, and resources that help writers gain the habits and connections they need to finish their writing projects. 

Our Vision

is to be the leading global community for writers to expand their creativity, perspective, and possibilities. 

Our Values

Our Advisory Board

Keiko O'Leary Prolific Writers Life

Keiko O’Leary

If your creative life is stuck, call on Keiko O’Leary. Keiko’s workshops help writers improve their craft, organize their life, and see the big picture while taking meaningful action today. Keiko is also a co-founder of Thinking Ink Press

Keiko has been serving on the PWL Advisory Board since May 2021.  

Bob Haataia

Bob is a Senior Product Leader with success in delivering complex enterprise software and cloud products to achieve significant revenue. He solves today’s business problems with technology and the latest Agile development methodologies.

He focuses on increasing global sales and services, lowering support costs, and delivering a premier product experience. He provides complete product management from inception to end of life.

His expertise includes product marketing, analytics, business process definition, market research and strategic planning and execution. 

Bob has been serving on the PWL Advisory Board since June 2021. 

Tanya Brockett

Tanya Brockett, MBA, the author of several books including The New Writer Workbook, inspires authors, experts, and entrepreneurs to ditch fear, confusion, and overwhelm so they can write a best-seller-worthy book that boosts brands, increases impact, and leaves a legacy. For nearly two decades, Tanya has focused on the holistic authorpreneur whose goal is to share a positive message with the world. She is the host of the Write Something Worthy Podcast, the co-host of the Prolific Writers Cafe, a ghostwriter, editor, and book coach for awesome clients globally. 

Tanya has been serving on the PWL Advisory Board since June 2022. 

Past Advisory Board Members

Linton McClain Prolific Writers Life

Linton McClain

Linton is an author, entrepreneur, and coach. He is the author of Exercising with Purpose and has 15 years of results-driven experience as a business owner and coach. His practical approach teaches members to connect and send the right message to their audience. Linton also served as a blog writer for the Military Auto Source. He is the founder of Pinnacle High Performance Coaching

Linton served on the PWL Advisory Board from May 2021 through May 2022. 

Maya Carlyle Prolific Writers Life Host Quill Anvil

Maya Carlyle

is many things on top of being a character-driven science fiction/fantasy writer; a writer coach and development editor since 2017; a developer for four still-active, creative-based online communities; and an Event Manager for 15+ years, including as a conference services manager, a corporate planner, and a charity fundraiser – she was very proud to have managed the development and execution of PWL’s first Writers Conference in Spring 2021!

She is excited to bring her compassionate, goal-oriented approach to Prolific Writers Life.

Maya served on the PWL Advisory Board from June through December 2021. 

Our Accountant

Chris Morris

Chris Morris is a CPA who has specialized for the past decade in working with creative entrepreneurs. Over 65% of his clients are authors, agents, or publishers. Beyond that, Chris has books that have been published independently and traditionally, so he knows the ropes. He can help you in a variety of ways, ranging from setting up your KDP account to preparing your taxes to answering your questions about reasonable tax deductions. 

If you’d like to set up a free 25-minute consult, you can schedule one here:

Chris Morris CPA Author Prolific Writers Life Accountant

Our Digital Marketing Specialists

Dinara Jayakody

Dinara is a creative spirit with a passion for graphic design and digital marketing. When she’s not immersed in the world of pixels and designs, you’ll often find her lost in the realm of art and drawing, where her imagination knows no bounds. 

In a nutshell, she’s an art enthusiast, and a book lover with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and creativity. 

Dinara lives in Columbo, Sri Lanka, but hopes to venture out to other countries in the near future. 

Follow Prolific Writers Life social media channels to see some of her terrific designs.

Our Video Editor

Krishan Gunasinghe

Krishan has been with Prolific Writers Life in September 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience in digital media. His expertise includes video editing, crafting effects for commercials, and delving into dark and guerrilla marketing strategies. With a background in political social media content, Krishan has honed his skills in brand-oriented content creation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Krishan is an avid gamer and creator, immersing himself in the world of video game development using the Unreal Engine. His proficiency in rotoscoping enables him to seamlessly integrate visual effects into videos and commercials, adding depth and creativity to his projects. Krishan is based in Negombo, Sri Lanka.