Lorraine Haataia, PhD - Prolific Writers Founder

Lorraine has been a prolific writer throughout her career. As a professor, she taught writing courses to native speakers and non-native speakers throughout the world. As a corporate trainer and quality control expert, she assisted department heads with writing Standard Operating Procedures. As a marketing specialist, she has extensive experience with content marketing and blogging. As a grants reviewer for the United States Department of Education, she helped applicants improve the quality of their grant applications. Lorraine enjoys reading, writing and engaging people in lifelong learning. She has earned six college degrees, and participated in countless seminars and conferences, including an outdoor survival course in the mountains of Vancouver, BC. She has been featured on cable and national television and she has débuted in a few comedy clubs. Her articles have been featured in dozens of publications and websites in the United States and abroad. She has also been a featured speaker on TEDx. She enjoys meeting and working with people of all ages and cultures. Lorraine has lived in the United States, France and China. In addition, she has traveled to dozens of other countries. She especially enjoys tropical locations. She's shown here writing while enjoying outdoor dining in sunny Singapore.

Bob Haataia - Prolific Writers Webmaster

Bob is a Senior Product Leader with success in delivering complex enterprise software and cloud products to achieve significant revenue. He solves today’s business problems with technology and the latest Agile development methodologies. He focuses on increasing global sales and services, lowering support costs, and delivering a premier product experience. He provides complete product management from inception to end of life. Bob has traveled to dozens of countries. He's shown here observing what is widely known as "the world's first computer" on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.