Our Story .


Our vision is to create a global community for writers to expand their creativity, perspective and possibilities.


Our mission is to facilitate communication and relationships among writers throughout the world.


Prolific Writers Life facilitates communication and project coordination among writers throughout the world.

Core Values

Prolific Writers Life is built upon nine core values: adventure, enlightenment, freedom of expression, humor, imagination, open-mindedness, presence, song and dance, visualization.

Nine Core Values .


Adventure fuels ideas. Creative writers step out of their comfort zones and say yes to opportunities that come their way. Prolific Writers value the spirit of adventure, not only personally, but also in their writing projects.


Enlightenment is more powerful than learning or doing. Prolific Writers write, and learn skills to enhance writing, but they also understand that it’s equally valuable to know what not to do.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression is a fundamental human right. History reminds us that the ability to express opinions and speak freely is essential to bring about improvement not only in life, but also in written works. Prolific Writers practice both sensitivity and resilience as key components in this process.


Humor oils the gears of relationships. Rather than taking things personally, Prolific Writers know that the misunderstandings resulting from differing perspectives are the source of both conflict and comedy.


Open-Mindedness is an essential quality for writers who want to expand their reach. By remaining open to various points of view, Prolific Writers gain insight into how peoples and cultures pave all sorts ways and means to experience life.


Presence is an ability to be fully aware in the here and now. It’s a powerful skill for writers, not only during the writing process, but also throughout each day. Prolific Writers are regularly fine-tuning the interconnectedness of writing and living.

Song & Dance

Song and dance bring happiness and movement to the world. Together they have the power to inspire, motivate and heal.


Visualization is an energetic means of communicating both abstract and concrete concepts. Talented artists accomplish this through images and writers through words. Writers who are able to paint pictures with words have the power to change the world one image at a time, one thought at a time.



Overview of best features

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Creative Team .

Lorraine Haataia, PhD


Bob Haataia

Product Manager

Anjana Rajesh

Web Designer

Our mascot is the zebra.

Zebras are social animals, but unlike their relatives, horses and donkeys, they have never been domesticated. 


Each zebra has its own set of unique stripes, just as each writer has his own set of unique messages to share with the world. 


We encourage members to share their stripes and written works with the world, and to do it freely with confidence everywhere they go.